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Kiddicare Toy - Sammy (Squirrel)

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Sammy the Squirrel is the little brother of the Kiddicare family. He’s cautious, jumpy, and oh so cute. Sammy gets startled easily, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun with his friends. He loves to climb trees and look out as far as his eyes can see as it feeds his curiosity. Sammy wants to grow up quickly, though everybody else loves him just the way he is.


Kiddicare Toy - Sammy (Squirrel)

A toy your baby will love

  • Made from super soft materials
  • Easy for your baby to grip
  • Ages 0+
  • Height: 20cm (approx.)


Crafted with premium blend cotton and other well-chosen materials, our nappies are luxuriously soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals, chlorineperfumes, lotions or latex.



Soft and durable!

Amazing!! Fast and reliable service. Baby doesn’t get any rashes and has never had a leak. Doesn’t leak overnight either. We’ll keep coming back to buy more!

I love these nappies!

My baby has skinny wee legs and these nappies fit nicely around his legs preventing leakage down his leg. They keep him dry and help him to sleep longer.

We love the Kiddicare Toy!

It is a cute toy for babies and toddlers. And not only for toddlers even the elders like it too much. It has a good and soft material. The quality is up to the mark and my baby loves it

Amazing Pants!

The pants are very good made. The absorption is the best of all! They are quite soft and pleasant on to skin as well.

Cost Effective!

Good quality and price. Definitely worth to buy.