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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

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Find the Purest Baby Water Wipes

Welcome to Kiddicare, for premium baby products in New Zealand. At Kiddicare, we value that your baby's health and comfort are your top priority as a parent. That being the case, we present the best water wipes that will clean your baby gently but very effectively. Get the whole set and know why our water wipes are the perfect bet for your little one.

Why Water Wipes Are the Best for Your Baby

Water Wipes are the closest thing to pure water. They are 99.9% water with just a drop of fruit extract. They are as gentle as cotton wool and water but far more convenient. Not your traditional baby wipe, but a water wipe that does have a conclusion to the harmful chemical story. They are perfect for newborns or babies with sensitive skin, and they are ideal.

Advantages of Wet Wipes

Soft and pure: Fewer ingredients in our wipes will be adequate for your baby's skin.

Chemical-Free: Lacking harsh chemicals, these wipes lower the chances of causing irritation and allergic reactions.

Gentle Cleaning: Water wipes sound so essential, but they are perfect for cleaning one up while keeping a baby fresh and comfortable.

Practical: Our wipes are always ready-to-go and convenient to carry.

Water Wipes NZ: Crafting the Best Alternative for Your Baby

The New Zealand water wipes; high-quality water wipes that you cannot miss in a parent's kit. 

At Kiddikare, we have all kinds of water wipes with the best purity and safety standard. With products extending even to specialized newborn ones, one indeed has the best product right from the start.

Water Wipes for Newborns: The Perfect Friend for Your Delicate Baby Skin

Some of these wipes contain toxins that may irritate the soft skin of newborns. Our water wipes are ultra-sensitive to healthy newborn skin and give the safest way of cleaning your newborn during their first few months. These are the finest wipes that can be appositely worked over sensitive portions and throughout the day, making your newborn feel clean and comfortable.

Why Mums Love Our Water Wipes

Most parents across New Zealand rely on Kiddicare for all their baby's needs, and below are the reasons why our water wipes are loved:

Hypoallergenic: Unlikely to cause any allergic reaction or skin irritation; great for sensitive skin.

Fragrance-free: Free from added fragrances, for a clean that is pure and natural.

Dermatologically tested: our brand's wet wipes are proven to be dermatologically safe for babies.

Baby Water Wipes: Dependable and Useful

Our baby water wipes are versatile for use in cleaning your baby's hands and face, in between house wipe cleaning, and cleaning while feeding. They leave your baby's sensitive skin safe and fresh without any need for harsh soaps or chemicals.

Wet Wipe: Where Convenience Meets Care

Kiddicare moist wipes: caring with just a gentle touch. It is ideal for everyday clean-ups at home or on the go.

Diaper changing: Keep it simple, clean, and refreshing on that most sensitive skin.

Messy Meals? Wipe up food waste gently but thoroughly.

On the Go: Toss a pack in your purse for on-the-spot cleanings anywhere.

Buy Water Wipes from Kiddicare

Ready to give your baby the best care there is to have? Well, now, you can make up your mind with a list of water wipes from Kiddicare. We offer different pack sizes based on your needs in either stocking up for home use or looking for a size that works for a travel adventure.

Baby Wipes and Water: The Better Alternative

These baby water wipes are great for parents who really care for their very best for that baby. Great care has been taken to create these wipes gently and for the baby's best skin. Feel confident using our wipes because you are giving the best-possible care with our help.

Water Baby Wipes: At Each Step

From the day your baby is born until they mature into a toddler, our baby wipes will be their perfect solution. They're soft for regular use and challenging for the problematic, hard-to-remove messes.

More Than Just Wipes

Total Baby Care However, it is not all about water wipes and baby care. We do have a range of baby products, inclusive of baby toys, nappies, and more. We are your one-stop shop to fulfill all your baby care needs.

Baby Toys: Fun and Development

As for baby toys, these differ from water-based wipes to how your baby can get to enjoy and feel several stimuli while being supported in its development. From soft toys to interactive playthings, there sure will be something that will keep your baby entertained and engaged.

Comfortable and reliable: Diapers

Make sure your water wipes match our high-quality nappy. The very comfortable nappies are designed to give maximum protection against leaking so that you can always keep your baby dry and comfortable. There are different sizes of nappies to match your fast-growing baby. This is a product that no parent can miss. 

Shop with Confidence at Kiddicare.

Kiddicare is the most trusted source for all your baby care products. A company committed to quality and safety from the start; shop knowing that you will get no less for your baby. 

Why Kiddicare?

Baby Products of Quality: High-quality baby-care products. 

Trusted and Supported by Parents: Parents across New Zealand trust us; we have thousands of their babies in our care. 

Customer Service: Our team is prepared to help with any inquiries you might have in searching for suitable products for your baby. 

Conclusion: Provide Your Baby with the Best Besides, you can look after all your baby's requirements and learn personally what a difference our water wipes can make.

Offer your baby the superior cleaning that they deserve with our grade water wipes. We invite you to explore our website today and find the right products your little one deserves.

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