When to size up Nappies for your baby?

Knowing when to size up nappies for your baby can go a long way in preventing leaks, keeping them comfy and making change-time easier.

In this article, we cover:

  • Signs that indicate your baby is ready to size up in diapers
  • How to choose the right nappy size
  • How to make change-time easier with Kiddicare Deluxe Nappies 

Signs that your baby is ready to size up nappies:

Here’s a few signs that your baby is ready to size up their nappies:

  1. Your baby’s nappies has started to leak

Growing out of their current nappy size is one of the most common reasons why your baby’s nappy may start to leak. When parents experience nappy leaks for the first time, our first recommendation is to try the next size up. The weight range of our nappy and nappy pant sizes overlap, meaning your baby may be ready for the next size up, even if they’re still within their current size range.

  1. Your baby is leaking through the night

Comfy and contained throughout the day, but leaking through the night? This is another sign that your baby is ready to size up their nappies. Kiddicare Nappies are made with unique 3D Core Technology for up to 12 hours of leak protection, and can absorb 15x their weight in liquid.* Say goodbye to leaking nappies, soiled onesies and washing your baby’s sheets every morning (you’re welcome!).

*Based on nappy weight and total absorbing capacity.

  1. Your baby has red marks on their legs

Little humans come in all shapes and sizes, so sometimes your baby may be in the recommended size but their nappy is fitting too snug. If you start to notice any red marks or discomfort, try sizing up to give your little one a little extra room in their nappies.

  1. The waistband is getting too snug

If the waistband of the nappy and strong grip tabs are no longer wrapping around your baby’s waist, it’s time to try the next size up. Remember, our strong grip tabs are designed to sit comfortably on your baby’s hips. 

Alternatively, you could try our Nappy Pant. Read more on this below.

  1. Your baby is pulling off their Nappies

The discovery of your baby taking off their nappy is just as amazing as it is terrifying. If change-time is getting a little too playful, it could also be time to try our deluxe nappy pants.

How to choose the right nappies size:

Our deluxe nappies have a unique design and fit, so we recommend choosing a size based on your baby’s weight

Tip: If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Still have questions? Reach out to our friendly Customer Love team to get their expert advice on finding the right nappy size and preventing those sneaky leaks.


How to make change-time easier with Kiddicare Deluxe Nappies 

Crafted with premium cotton blend and other high quality materials which allows us to say a big ‘No thank you!’ to wetness, discomfort, and bursting nappies. 

Made with:

  • Premium features
  • Up to 12 hour leak protection
  • luxuriously soft,
  • No nasties


Your little human is going to love change-time with Kiddicare Nappies. Ready to join the fun?