Kiddicare Nappy Size Guide - Check your baby Nappy size before you buy

Nappy Sizing Guide

Wondering which nappies size to choose for your little one? Here's a simple nappies size chart you can use as a quick guide to the best nappies size for your baby:

Kiddicare Nappy Milestone Baby Weight in KG Average Number of Nappies a day How long your little one may need this size
Newborn Nappy Up to 5kg 6-8/day first few weeks at most
Infant Nappy 4-7kg 7-8/day up to 5 months
CrawlerNappy 6-11kg 6-7/day up to 14 months
Toddler Nappy 10-14kg 5-6/day up to 30 months
Walker Nappy 13-18kg 4-5/day up tp 30 months
Junior Nappy 16kg+ As needed up to 30 months
Toddler Pants 10-14kg 6/day 2+ years old
Walker Pants 13-18kg 4-5/day 3-4 years old
Junior Pants 16kg+ As needed 4+ years old