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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

Free Shipping on all orders above $80

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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

Free Shipping on all orders above $80

Welcome to Kiddicare: Your Trusted Source for Baby Wipes and More

As a parent, one will always wish to have only the best for that little one. Kiddicare understands the proper care that should be provided for your baby's delicate skin and daily service needs. Our several lines of baby wipes and other basic needs for your baby are sure to give you the most in terms of care and convenience.

Learn More About Our Superior Baby Wipes

The baby wipe is considered the most basic of all baby-well-being products. From worries to convenience, our range of wipes from Kiddicare is for every parent. Our baby wipes are gentle, effective, and the best for everyday use.

Why Baby Wipes from Us?

Gentle and Soft: Our baby wipes are designed to be soft and gentle on your baby's skin, making irritation less likely.

Unscented: Our unscented baby wipes are for parents who prefer a fragrance-free option. Appropriate for sensitive skin.

Natural and Chemical-Free: We care, which is why making us different is a commitment that we keep by offering your baby chemical-free baby wipes.

Convenient: Our wet wipes come in all kinds of packaging, and this makes them handy and usable when moving.

Reusable Baby Wipes: Eco Option

Our reusable baby wipes are the perfect solution for patients who have been mentally kind to nature. More so, the high quality and resistant material put in make it such that it—you can wash it very much, reusable for waste, and in the end, saving on purposes.

Benefits of Reusable Baby Wipes

Eco-friendly: As stated, using washable wipes would help reduce your waste and the end of your carbon.

It's cost-effective. Save money on disposable-looped cloths or wipes, which require frequent.

Durable and absorbent: The reusable washcloths are constructed to last and endure even in the messiest situations.

Buy Baby Wipes Online

We know convenience is tantamount for the parent on the go. That is the reason we make sure that purchasing baby wipes online in New Zealand goes on smoothly and with no hitches. In just a few clicks, top-quality baby wipes in NZ are at your doorstep.

Why Shop Online with Kiddicare for Baby Wipes?

Huge range: Select from our wide range of baby wipes for a perfect match for your needs.

Simple Ordering: You can easily browse our products or actually place an order through our user-friendly website.

Swift Delivery: Ensuring quick, on-time, and safe delivery across New Zealand.

Best Baby Wipes NZ Has to Offer

At Kiddicare, we take pride that you receive nothing but the best baby wipes NZ parents have learned to trust. Our products are treated with the most rigorous testing to assure our customers of the highest standard of quality and safety. Be it normal every day, travel or specialty skin issue wipes - we have got you covered.

More Than the Usual Baby Wipes

With our premium baby wipes, we will give you access to any other baby product that you require in taking care of your little one.

Baby Toys

Explore our baby toy collection, designed to grow with your little one and provide hours of entertainment. We've got something for every stage of their development, from super-soft plush to interactive learning toys.

Nappies and Nappy Pants

Make sure your baby remains warm and dry with our complete variety of diapers or training pants. Available in all sizes and fashions, our diapers and pants are all set to assure better absorbency and good fitting, thereby ensuring warmth and satisfaction for your baby.

Newborn nappies Our diapers for newborns gently take care of the smallest family members. They are specifically designed for the needs of newborns, to provide them with all-day comfort and security from day one.

Why Kiddicare?

Quality assurance: We are committed to providing only the best and most quality products, tried and tested for both safety and effectiveness.

Assurance of Customer Satisfaction: It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. We work and strive to give the best levels of customer service and support to all possible. Competitive Prices: You get quality products at the most competitive prices. Easy, Safe and More Secure Shopping Shopping at Kiddicare leaves you with a serene, hassle-free experience, as everything is properly configured on our website with the latest security features to protect your personal information. We have a number of payment options available to give you the serenity and easiness you deserve as you shop. Be part of the Family of Kiddicare You shop for more when shopping with Kiddicare, wanting only the very best for your baby. Subscribe to our newsletter updated with new products, special offers, and parenting tips. View Products Don't wait to give your baby the best. View our range and buy now. All baby supplies, including wipes, are available online. Trust Kiddicare for quality, convenience, and care.

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