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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

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Surprise Free Gift on All Orders Over $100.

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How to Change a Baby’s Nappies?

First time changing a nappies? Follow this simple step-by-step guide and save for later.

   Grab Your Supplies:

   Follow These Simple Steps:

    1. Get ready with your change table or change mat, and a fresh nappies.
    2. Lay your baby down on their back and remove the used nappies. Dispose of the nappies by rolling it into a bundle, and sealing it with the grip tabs.
    3. Gently clean your baby’s nappy area, taking extra care to clean between the folds of the skin where moisture can get trapped. You can use baby wipes, like Kiddicare sensitive baby wipes, or a damp washcloth. For girls, wipe front to back. For boys, use the front of the nappies to cover their nappy area as you clean (and to protect yourself from any surprise sprays!)
    4. If necessary, apply a nappy ointment or cream and allow to completely air dry. 
    5. Open the fresh nappy so the inside is facing up toward you.
    6. Open the two grip tabs (on either side of the nappy), untuck the double leak guards (elasticated sides that run down the nappy) and soft leg cuffs (ruffled-like material). These should sit flat on your baby’s skin.
    7. Gently raise your baby’s legs and lower body by their ankles, and slide the fresh nappies underneath. Their bum should be in the middle of the nappy.
    8. Pull the front the nappy (side closest toward you) up and over your baby’s nappy area. The Kiddicare logo on the front of the nappy should be facing you.
    9. If necessary, untuck the double leak guards and soft leg cuffs. These should sit flat on their skin.
    10. Secure the strong grip tabs, by folding them up and over your baby’s hip. These should sit comfortably on your baby’s hip – no need to make the fastening too tight. The tabs are also resealable.

Did you know?: On average, each baby will have 3,500 nappy changes before they are toilet trained

How Often You Should Change Their Nappies?

Babies need frequent nappy changes to keep their skin clean, fresh and to help prevent nappy rash. If your baby has sensitive skin, changing their nappy as soon as they wet themselves can prevent further irritation.

It is recommended that your baby’s nappies is changed as soon as possible when they have done a poo.

Newborns may need changing as many times as 10 to 12 times a day, while older babies average 6 to 8 times per day.

    How the Nappies Should Fit?

    Made with seriously good features, Kiddicare deluxe nappies also have a unique fit. Here’s a few tips on how the nappies should fit:

    Our high back waistband is soft and stretchy, designed to sit a little higher on your baby’s back. This makes for a comfy and snug fit to reduce the chance of sneaky leaks or blowouts.

    We recommend choosing a nappy size based on your baby’s weight. Our nappy size guide helps you find the right size and an estimate of how many nappies you’ll use per day.

    If your baby is in-between sizes, contact our Customer Love team to get their expert advice on the perfect Kiddicare fit.

    Our nappies have a stretchy high back waistband and strong grip tabs, which can sit further apart when fastened onto the front of the nappies.

    Our fit means that when the nappies is on your little one, it should be snug on their tummy (pulled up just under their belly button) and at the same level on their back.

    Learn more about our seriously good features here.

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